Massage Mania Monday, Tranquil Tuesday

This week is off to an incredible start.  My Monday started with a ninety minute deep tissue massage from a talented male coworker of mine, and it was great.  He rolled my skin, he worked slow, he gave me pressure, and he constantly checked in.  We talked about techniques and how shaky it is to be a massage therapist for the first year or so. Him, and several new therapists around the clinic make me feel so experienced and knowledgeable in the field, when I am anything but.  But, I am no longer a newbie, and I was quite shaky when I first started, so the acknowledgement and praise feels really nice.

Then our wedding photographer messaged me and offered us a complimentary engagement shoot next month! We already had one done this Fall, in sweaters and Fall clothing, so this is really exciting! We can wear Spring clothes and Spring colors, and have it be completely different!

We’ve also recently started to consider Hawaii as a honeymoon destination.   Neither of us have ever been and it would be exactly what we’re looking for in a honeymoon! The fact that this is even a possibility for us is exciting on so many levels.

Then last night while we were home and settling in to watch The Fosters (cute LGBT show!) we got two emails from Rainbow Families D.C. with the class roster and schedule.  We are officially in, and the Maybe Baby classes start in five days!

I went to hot yoga before work this morning for the third time in a week, and so I am feeling quite rinsed, and strong, and able.  I love the weeks where I make several yoga classes.  I feel calm, centered, and powerful in a way.  Like I’m able to accomplish things and make good decisions and allow good things into my life.

The schedule was slow at work today and the weather was gorgeous for the first time this year, so I bought a frappuccino and a new book! We just watched Divergent for the fist time last weekend, and since Insurgent is coming out this weekend I decided to finally take the plunge.


Today is St. Patrick’s Day, and Alana is on her way home with beer.  I decided to stop and get some cupcakes for us.


My week has been filled with massage, friends, the excitement of Maybe Baby classes, the possibility of a Hawaii honeymoon,  free second engagement shoots, cupcakes, and beer.  Can’t complain at all.

  I hope all my followers are having a good week as well.

So We Are Officially “In” and Registered for “Maybe Baby” Classes! #samesexparenting

maybebaby button   I’m happy to say that the registration email from Rainbow Families D.C. came in a few weeks ago, and that Alana and I are all registered and signed up for their Spring 2015 Maybe Baby program!! The very first class is a week from tomorrow!

Here’s a screenshot of the entire program:

Maybe Baby

I’m happy to say that these classes provide information on all the topics of same-sex parent family planning that I’d like information on!  It makes me happy that they’re covering both fertility options and adoption options.  It makes me really happy that transracial and transcultural adoption is a separate class from domestic adoption!

They also cover legal issues which is just lovely, as well as a class to help you find out if you’re really ready to become a parent.  We’re both so excited to meet other lesbian couples who are looking to start their own family!

As I’ve mentioned many times on this blog we have many friends starting their own families…but these are all friends in heterosexual marriages! We don’t have anyone who we can talk to personally.  We’ve taken to watching YouTube channels of lesbian couples documenting their own process and the steps that they’ve taken.

We didn’t even know this program or this organization existed until a few months ago, so it’s so exciting to be registered. It’s very exciting to be getting all this information before we actually get married!.

6..5 months to go until the wedding! One week and one day until our first Maybe Baby class!

This coming Spring is going to be a busy one.

Valentine’s Day, a Snow Day, and Maybe Baby Classes

Valentine’s Day this year passed easily and perfectly.  We lay around all day blissfully frying our minds together and marathoning Wentworth on Netflix.  We had mind-blowing sex, and then when we finally decide to shower and put on clothes (I’m pretty sure the sun was setting at this point) it started snowing like crazy! We ventured out for our Valentine’s Day date anyway, and the snow was thick, beautiful, and lovely.  The restaurant was covered in snow, dinner was delicious, and we ordered a bottle of wine to celebrate our last Valentine’s Day as an unmarried couple.

We went to the movies and saw Project Almanac.  We were one of only three couples in the entire theater while I’m sure the theaters for Fifty Shades of Grey were packed and crowded.  It felt perfect and very “us” to be seeing the geeky science movie about time travel.

It snowed more Monday night and we both stayed home from work yesterday.  We finished Wentworth on Netflix and spent the day holding each other.  Things between us are on fire lately.  Three and a half years in, and we still can’t get enough of each other.

The wedding planning is not so stressful right now, and more fun.  After four straight weeks of wedding dress shopping I’ve finally made my decision.  I took a break from it all and got a ninety minute massage today.  It was needed, and relaxing, and I feel whole and content.

It’s hard sometimes to restrict our spending habits and to be responsible and save money.  But when I look at my bank account that frustration easily vanishes.  The more we save the more exciting the next few years have the potential to be.

Our gay friend Kris forwarded Alana an email about a non-profit company in D.C. called Rainbow Families D.C.   They have an eight week class program called Maybe Baby, which provides same-sex parents-to-be with information and support about the options of building a family.  Alana and I were so happy to hear about classes like this existing in our area.  Alana thinks that we should look into taking these classes sometime, and I could’t agree more.  We emailed the program coordinator together earlier this week.  I’m still waiting to hear back, but just knowing that this program exists is exciting!

My yoga practice is on fire and I’m looking to build my massage career now that the wedding is coming up and things are falling into place.  I’m playing around with the idea of doing another yoga teacher training, or two, over the next few years, as well as building my own private practice for massage and individual yoga lessons!

To say that things are going well is an understatement.  Things are really falling into place and I couldn’t be more grateful.  Our road together hasn’t always been so smooth and there’s definitely been bumps along the way, but the hills are starting to subside as we find a smoother plain and rhythm together.

I have plans with my best friend and Goddaughter this weekend and we have plans with Alana’s family the following weekend.  My life is full of yoga, massage, friends, family, and love.  I’m going to hold onto all of this, and be grateful for it, and try to spread the light to others because I know that I’m very fortunate.  And I know that things can be easily lost when not fully appreciated or valued.

I Think I’ve Found My Wedding Dress!

My big wedding dress appointment was today and it went exceptionally well.  I’m fairly certain we’ve found the dress, and it’s gorgeous, beautiful, and absolutely perfect.  My heart has been pounding all day ever since we left the shop!

I feel almost intoxicated with it.  My bridesmaid and my Mom love it also, they think that it’s perfect.  A week from today, my bridesmaid Sara and I have an appointment at David’s Bridal.  I’m going to try on as many wedding dresses as I can.  Dresses that look like this perfect one, but also others that don’t.  I want to compare and contrast.  I need to be absolutely sure!

After all, I’ve found this dress very early on in my dress shopping.  But I’m almost certain that this is the one.  I don’t think any other dress can come close to touching this one.

…But I guess next week will tell! Wishing myself happy hunting.

twinsA happy picture of my bridesmaid Sara and I coincidentally dressed as twins before we went dress shopping today.