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Our Surprise Harry Potter Bridal Shower

My wife-to-be and I were given a time and a location for our bridal shower, and that was it.  No other information.  No mention of a theme, or of who would be attending our joint bridal shower.

11954686_10153550003471226_6830197621641290471_n  Our Harry Potter obsessed little hearts were greatly overjoyed to walk downstairs and see a Harry Potter bridal shower awaiting us!

11947507_10153550003796226_3488551008339205229_nOur six bridesmaids worked together to make this shower happen.  They had several tables displayed with Harry Potter books, treasures, foods, and the like!

11935017_10153118948621662_8162510628494671021_n Harry Potter confetti on one of the tables!11903851_10153550003946226_7609136709946859255_nThese cupcakes were topped with actual book pages cut into hearts!11898546_10153550005731226_5846723084089669793_nA lot of these foods were from the fictional Wizarding World!
11903832_10153550004231226_4236549619373686848_nOur bridesmaids even ordered Harry Potter soda covers!
They hung banners that represented the four Houses of Hogwarts11902309_10153550004521226_4854138619619836504_n 11904679_10153550017271226_3870637323582600211_nThese are actual chocolate frogs from Harry Potter World in Florida!11949301_10153550005881226_4223032368000701461_nThey had a few games for us and our guests to play, and one of them was Harry Potter bingo, which they created themselves!11899867_10153118823856662_995450692135288784_nWe also played a game where teams had to create a wedding dress out of toilet paper, and dress a teammate in it! I’ve never heard of or played this game before, but it was tons of fun.

11220139_10153550003296226_4501727545976338558_nBut I have to say, my favorite part of the bridal shower was the photo booth they created on Platform 9 3/4, along with props to dress like the characters from the books!

11913880_10153117335001662_7707707953925708347_n 11225295_10153117335326662_192667007596156928_n 1504967_10153117335216662_6416127671312621633_nNot all these things might be pictured here, but they had a robe, hats, scarfs, several pairs of Harry Potter’s glasses, Weasley hair, articles from Umbridge’s outfits, Harry Potter’s hair, etc.  It was tons of fun to take pictures with our guests!

11960110_10153117335541662_5955901217150677270_nMy bride-to-be and I had an AMAZING time! I’m so thankful for our bridesmaids, and for us both having close friends who just get us.

A Rough Move Six Weeks Before Our Wedding and Honeymoon

We’ve been moved into this townhouse for one week and one day today.  The first few days were rough as hell.

I was exhausted from the move.  I had forgotten to take time off of work because I was so busy wedding planning, and trying to coordinate things for the move.  We ended up less unpacked than I had liked to be.  The house seemed strange, and not like home.  It was gorgeous, and intriguing, and inviting, but also new.  Unfamiliar.

I just didn’t feel like myself.  And all my coworkers felt the need to tell me how tired I looked, and that really ground my gears.

We moved August 15th, and I didn’t truly start feeling better until this past Wednesday when my coworkers and I all spent the day at Six Flags for free!  We even got a free lunch, and we all got to bring a guest.  I brought my wife-to-be, of course, and we hung around my main crew of therapists, being silly and riding roller coasters all day and all night.

Six Flags   The rest of the week went quickly uphill from there.  This townhouse started to feel more like a home.  Our cat seemed better adjusted and more comfortable here, and we did as well.  It’s never taken me time before to adjust to new living quarters.

Our friend Elliot came over last night and we all went out for Indian food.  He loved the townhouse, and we just had a blast all night.

LifeproofI bought a LifeProof case for my iPhone six plus, for the purpose of added protection on our honeymoon in Santorini! Also because the first two levels of this townhouse are hardwood, and my partner’s phone screen smashed a few nights after we moved in! My life is occupying bigger spaces and traveling to further distances, so my phone needs a better helmet.  Life is taking off!

What’s coming up in the next eight weeks:  Our bridal shower, our bachlorette party, the Mehndi ceremony my family is throwing us, our wedding night, and our nine night honeymoon in Santorini, Greece!

And we’ve only been in this townhouse a week!  We’re both glad that all the work of the move is over.

We’re completely unpacked as of this weekend, and looking forward to all the craziness the next eight weeks has to offer us.

Townhouse Keys

New Keys & Moving Boxes

We’ve lived in this condo for two years.  We became us in this condo.  She didn’t propose to me in this condo.  That happened in a tiny, dirty house we shared with a friend of mine, and his pets.

But this is where the majority of our engagement has taken place.  Our time figuring each other out, and figuring out what being an adult is like.  This is where we planned the majority of our wedding, and, so far, our life together.

My partner, and my cat, and I, have become this kind of mesh of a family inside these condo walls.  But, not we’re moving to a townhouse.  Where we’ll be living when we become an official family.

Change is exciting, but it’s also hard, and it comes with many things.  It comes with loss, and a sense of things ending.  Or, at least for me.  At least right now.

At this time when I’m nearing thirty, about to become married, and, essentially, starting phase II of my life.

I’m mourning my childhood.  I’m mourning phase I of my life being over.  I’m mourning that that time of never paying bills is over (it has been for years, but it’s somehow different, now.)  I’m mourning how much time has passed since I was all legs and energy, climbing trees and being taken care of, completely.  I’m nervous for phase II.  Can I really do this? Can I really be a wife? Can I be a grown adult?

Only time will tell.  The work that a marriage will take is daunting, to say the least.  The amount of work it will take to survive in this country and this economy at this time is a much higher level of daunting.

This townhouse is the start of all that.  This townhouse is the start of Phase II.

I’ll miss these condo walls.  But, those townhouse walls sure are awfully bright, too.

moving boxes




On May 17th of this past Spring, my soon-to-be-wife and I participated in the NOH8 Campaign’s photo shoot when they came to Washington D.C.  There will be a second photo being emailed to us sometime soon.

Both my fiance and I love how this first picture came out! We are about nine weeks out from our wedding.  We’ve both been mushy and gushy and emotional with all of the planning lately, and receiving this picture today has amped up our excitement level even more!

I’ll post the second picture when it arrives.  Cheers, and I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend.


I Bought My Wedding Shoes Today & I Can’t Stop Coloring

I bought my shoes for the wedding today.  They’re stunning, magical, very me, and perfect.  They match my dress.  They match the mood and the energy of the wedding.

I wish I could write so much more about them, but my lovely wife-to-be reads this blog, and we are keeping things traditional.  Meaning we don’t want to see or know anything of each others dresses, hair/makeup, or shoes!

On a completely unrelated note, I can’t seem to stop coloring in my adult coloring book.

Progress  It’s just so tranquil and calming.  It’s inspiring and somehow very satisfying.

These pages were colored and captured over the course of this past weekend.  We took it easy, and stayed inside, and made love, and cuddled, and tried not to spend money.  We are enjoying the last of any laziness before things get too crazy.  We’re trying to soak up whatever peace and calmness we can muster before it all begins.

I haven’t yet had my first dress fitting (it’s next week), and we haven’t yet moved into the townhouse (that’s next month).  But, these things are happening so soon.  Everything, is happening so soon.

This is the calm before the storm.  This is that time of restlessness and waiting.  The dead middle of summer.  When the whisper of Fall and new beginnings is right around the corner, but the stillness and pause of the Summer hasn’t yet run its course.

I’m surprised by how calm I still feel at this point, less than two and a half months from our wedding and honeymoon.  But, something deep in my heart and my bones knows this won’t last.  I’ll enjoy the calmness while I can.  I’ll spend hours and hours coloring, while I can.


We Officially Have a Townhouse

It’s finally happened.  The townhouse that never got to exist before finally does exist.

We signed the lease last Friday.  To the only townhouse we wanted.  To the only townhouse that we applied for.

The first two levels are hardwood.  The kitchen has granite countertops and a gorgeous backsplash.  The kitchen walls are light green.  The second and third bedrooms are on the second floor, with a second bathroom, a few closets, and the washer and dryer.

The third floor, the only floor that has carpeting, is the entire master bedroom which has gizmoed and gadgeted walk-in closets.  The master bathroom is up there as well.

I’ve only ever rented one floor apartments and condos.  I rented a tiny single family house once, but it was old, falling apart, and still only one level.

We’re excited for the added levels and space.  We can finally rescue that puppy we’ve been talking about rescuing for three years now.  I can finally become a dog Mom!!!! And we’ll have a third bedroom should we crave for anyone else to come along…

We’re just very happy and grateful that this move has worked out.  We saw this townhouse listed months ago and thought that it would have been taken by now.  I told myself months ago that we wouldn’t be able to book both our honeymoon in Santorini and get this townhouse.  Getting both of these things seemed too good to be true, and I was happy to take only one of them working out.

But it’s all worked out, and now we just have all the work to do.  The work of moving, having our wedding, and leaving for Europe/Santorini in just a nine week period!.

  • August will be: The move to our townhouse, and the bridal shower.
  • September will be: The bachlorette party, and the Mendhi Ceremony
  • October will be: The wedding & reception, and our honeymoon in Santorini, Greece!
  • November will be: My ten year high school reunion.


So many big changes coming up.  So much to do.  So much excitement.

I’ll have to figure out how to keep my feet on the ground, but also how to not become too stressed out.  I want to enjoy this all as much as I can.

I don’t know how often I’ll write over these next few months.  This is only my first post this month! I’m quite caught up in starting the second phase of my life.

I wish all my followers a summer of adventure and growth.  This Summer is definitely going to be quite a time of transformation for me!

White House Rainbow

Marriage Equality Comes to America

IMG_6123 IMG_6122 IMG_6120 marriage equality

It’s finally happened  The day has finally arrived.  I called out of work.  There’s no way I could work right now.

I’m too happy.  I’m too ecstatic.  I’m too close to tears of joy, there’s too much relief flooding my body and my veins.

I’m marrying the woman of my dreams in three months.  Any kids that we have, because of today’s ruling, will know an easier time growing up in America with two Moms.  This ruling affects me on such a huge level.  Wherever I am, in this country, my partner will be recognized as my wife.

What a beautiful day.  I think I’ll be on the verge of tears all day.  I can’t remember the last time I’ve felt so intensely.