About Me



  Late-twenties millennial, ENFP, lesbian, libra.  Full time passionate massage therapist.  I am a yoga instructor who hasn’t started teaching yet, and a Reiki Master who is still getting use to her own light.

I am a coffee-guzzler, a book-devourer, a feminist, a daydreamer.  I enjoy binge-watching shows on Netflix, drinking wine, and spending time with the people who I love.  Most people would describe me as outgoing.  I can usually be found smiling or belly laughing.

  I started yoga and yoga teacher training in September of 2013.  It’s such a part of my life that I’m not sure how I’ve survived so far without it.  I constantly yearn to connect to the people around me.  I believe in self-care and investing in myself and the people around me.

This blog:

When I started this blog I didn’t have a set direction for it.  In its essence, this blog is a personal blog.  I write about my life, yoga, my thoughts, my dreams, and my observations/interpretations of the world around me.  There may be the occasional book or movie review, as well as the occasional political rant.

Feel free to follow or to say hi! I love to meet new people.  =)


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The life and times of a quirky millennial with lesbian tendencies.


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