About Me


  Late-twenties millennial, ENFP, lesbian, libra.  Full time passionate massage therapist.  I am a yoga instructor who hasn’t started teaching yet, and a Reiki Master who is still getting use to her own light.

  I am a coffee-guzzler, a book-devourer, a feminist, a daydreamer.  I enjoy binge-watching shows on Netflix, yoga, drinking wine, eating out,  and spending time with the people whom I love.

  This blog, for the most part, is a personal blog.  It’s full of my thoughts, ideas, anxieties, and adventures.  I write posts in haiku form on Wednesdays, and there may be the occasional book review or movie review.

    I love to connect and meet new people, so please feel free to drop me a line.  Or better yet, follow me, and become part of my adventure.


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