About Me

I am:

  •  In my late-twenties, a lesbian, engaged to the woman of my dreams.
  •  Biracial and American. Both of my parents are American.  My Dad is black, and my Mom’s parents were both born and raised in India.
  • An extrovert, talkative, a daydreamer, a bit sassy, sarcastic, intuitive, and not prone to shying away from curse words.
  • Quite fond of books, traveling, yoga, Netflix, trying new restaurants and dives, and being around those I love.

This blog is:

My life, my travels, my adventures of loving another woman, and the future family I hope we get to raise.  My thoughts, my dreams, poetry, inspiration, positive vibes, and a young life in motion.  I write posts in haiku form on Wednesdays, and there may be the occasional poem, book review, or writing prompt.

As both an ENFP and a libra…

I love getting to know new people.  Please feel free to reach out on social networks, drop me a line, or even, follow. =)


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