Memorial Day Weekend (2014)

Memorial Day Weekend (2014)

MDWThis weekend we ate way too much fast food and junk food, and watched twelve episodes of Scandal in a twenty-four hour period.  This weekend we cuddled for hours, laughed for minutes at a time, discussed the future, and had a few adventures.

Saturday night we went on a “Girls Night” with my very best friend and a group of girls that she got together.  We went out to dinner and then we went bar-hopping, drinking and being silly late into the night. Girls Night

Sunday I had the hangover from hell, but I also have an incredible fiancé.  She took care of me, and the day was not lost.

This upcoming weekend we’ll be heading to the beach.  The weekend after that we have a tour to look at a wedding venue.

This weekend was amazing and I’m excited for the upcoming weekends.  When you’re in love, life is like an apple pie, and the weekends? Are the sweet whipped cream on top.


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