Friday Morning Hot Yoga Flow Is How I Got My Groove Back

Friday Morning Hot Yoga Flow Is How I Got My Groove Back

This morning, as I headed to hot yoga for the first time in ten days I felt the usual small bout of anxiety that I tend to feel when it’s been more than seven days since my last hot yoga class.

This small bout of anxiety is a tiny voice inside my head that says things like “It’s going to be so hot, you’re going to feel weak and tired, you’ll be in child’s pose half the class, you’ll instantly regret skipping practice earlier this week…”

I tried to quiet that voice as much as I could, but it was still there a little when class started.

…And then class started and that voice immediately died.

It always surprises me how strong I feel after a week (or longer) break from hot yoga.  That little voice inside my head tells me that I’m going to lose flexibility, strength, and ability while being away.

That’s never the case, and this morning wasn’t any different.  It amazes me to find myself taking poses that I couldn’t take only this past Fall.  When I find myself wrapping my arms around my body for a full bind in several different poses I think back to this past Winter, and how I thought it might take years to be able to bind.

Our teacher had us “fly” to half moon a few different times during practice today, and I felt strong, graceful, and elegant every time I “flew” into the pose.  There’s something about that pose, and it’s bind into sugarcane that makes me feel like I’m flying.  I get the same feeling in warrior three pose.

I felt great after class, and great for the rest of the day as well.  I got through my massages this afternoon daydreaming about this upcoming weekend and that feeling of flying into half moon.

I’m so glad it’s Friday.  I’m so glad it’s the weekend.

I’m so glad I went to hot yoga this morning.



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