Just An Update About How Content I Feel

Contentment This morning, on my day off, I elected to get up early and drive an hour to Baltimore to help a friend redo her website.  This friend is a yogi friend, one whom I just completed teacher training with.  It felt good to see one of my “yummies” (Yoga-univeristy of Marylanders) so soon after graduation.

Her house was warm and cozy and she made me lots of coffee.  She also made me a scrumptious breakfast burrito and offered me fresh strawberries and pineapples as I worked.  We talked, we caught up on life, we drank coffee, and we slowly put together a website for her.  My drowsiness and fatigue that I’ve been carrying with me all week from the retreat this weekend seemed to slowly melt away.

It’s amazing how being around someone so centered and pleasant and calm can make you feel that way as well, despite having walked in tired and fatigued.

I know that I was helping her, and I know that I was doing her a favor today, but I’m so thankful for people like her in my life.

She sent me home with a plate of brownies, and I came and texted both Jesse and Alana for hours.  Jesse and I discussed her book.  It feels so good that I can help her with it.  I’m looking forward to getting the hardcopy of her book in the mail so that I can begin editing it.  I look forward to all our phone conversations about the book as she continues to write it and I continue to provide her with feedback.

I don’t think I’ve ever felt this much joy at being able to help friends out.  Sure, I’ve done friends and people favors, and I’d like to think I’m a helpful person.  But…it’s different lately.  I’m different. I remember writing that same exact statement in my last entry.

Yoga teacher training has definitely changed me.  Starting yoga, period, has changed me. IMG_2661

I find myself more grateful, more aware, more thankful, and more patient.

That’s all, really.  Just a typical, slow placed day off, but somehow, it just seemed like more.


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