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Marriage Equality Comes to America

IMG_6123 IMG_6122 IMG_6120 marriage equality

It’s finally happened  The day has finally arrived.  I called out of work.  There’s no way I could work right now.

I’m too happy.  I’m too ecstatic.  I’m too close to tears of joy, there’s too much relief flooding my body and my veins.

I’m marrying the woman of my dreams in three months.  Any kids that we have, because of today’s ruling, will know an easier time growing up in America with two Moms.  This ruling affects me on such a huge level.  Wherever I am, in this country, my partner will be recognized as my wife.

What a beautiful day.  I think I’ll be on the verge of tears all day.  I can’t remember the last time I’ve felt so intensely.


My Love and I Booked Our Honeymoon In The Greek Island of Santorini

You read that right, my friends.  My partner and I booked our honeymoon on the Greek/Cyclade island of Santorini.  Santorini has been my #1 wanderlust destination ever since I saw the movie The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants.

We booked our honeymoon at an all inclusive resort on the southeast coast.  All inclusive resorts are our favorite way to travel.  Our resort is a very short walk away from Kamari beach and the village of Kamari.  The site of Ancient Thira also lies somewhat near to our resort.

We’re so excited.  This will be the first trip to Europe for us both.  A few years ago we didn’t have enough money to have the wedding we wanted, and now we’re able to afford a wedding and the honeymoon of our dreams.

I can’t wait for this trip.  I can’t wait to be in Greece with her.

My heart is yearning and craving for the experience.  Just simply having the honeymoon booked makes me feel more free than I’ve felt in years.


The D.C. Pride Parade, 2015

The D.C. pride parade was so much fun this year.  My wife-to-be and I went with a group of friends, and the day was a blast from start to finish.

Pride ParadeThe military marched second to the dykes on bikes opening the parade which can I please say, is one of my favorite parts of the parade?  I didn’t get any photos of the dykes on bikes because I was too busy taking a video of the event!
IMG_5950  The boy scouts marched behind the military, which made me tear up a bit.  Honest truth.
IMG_5951 IMG_5963  This is Daniel Franzese, the actor who plays Daymion in the movie “Mean Girls”.
IMG_5953 IMG_5954 IMG_5955 IMG_5962   This is Hal Sparks, who plays Michael in the t.v. show Queer As FolkIMG_5959 pride paradeSigns like these last two brought me to tears.  The biggest tear-jerker is when recently escaped, as they put it, citizens of Russia marched openly and proudly for the first time.

 My partner, friends, and I all had a great time at the parade.  We started the day off with bottomless mimosas and brunch, and ended it with dinner and a pride after party.

 I’ve enjoyed D.C. pride many years before now, but this will be my last one as an unmarried woman! I can’t wait to return to a future D.C. Pride with my wife on my arm!

Writing Prompt 1

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesdsay, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Monday is such an old oaf.  Grey slacks, grey old sports jacket, grey shoes.  Always got that pipe hangin’ outta his mouth, swimmin’ outta that old, haggard beard of his! Who does he think he is, eh? The grim reaper? The Devil himself?  There’s more to life than always seemin’ miserable, scuttling around, glarin’ at the old and the young alike.

Tuesday ain’t much better, course ain’t no one as bad as Monday.  Tuesday seems alright durin’ the day, he does, but at night, he hits that bottle like nothin’ I ever seen.  Lyin’ son of a bitch, he puts on a front for his boss and his wife’s and his slummy friends.  She’ll wake up to find one mornin’ all of their earnings is gone, gone down that bottle of his and the misery he hides from her.

Wednesday…now Wednesday, she’s gotta slow it down some, to be honest here, Jim.  Now, I ain’t got no problem with a woman who likes to do what a man likes to do, but I dunno how many more men she can spread herself between ‘fore there ain’t nothin’ left of her!  ‘Fore it was a different man every season, or every month proudly sportin’ her on his arm.  She’d flirt with them on the streets, laughing, them and their money wrapped around her pretty little finger.  That was back when she use to smile, ‘fore it was a new guy every other night.

Thursday ain’t doin’ bad, I see her hobbling around from time to time.   She was nicer as kid, to be honest, Jim, but at times I still catch her bobbing on her toes and smiling at everyone she greets.

Friday is quite a site lately though, Jim, and we need more people in this town like her! She got all kinds of colors in her hair, and piercings in her face! She don’t let anyone hold her back Jim, or tell her what to do.  Not none of the other girls in town, not her parents, not nobody, Jim.  She’s a firecracker, that one, a dynamic spirit from the day she as born.

Saturday is just as good as ever, Jim, content, out-going, and happy.  He’s always busy traveling and doing all sorts of things.  That man might be the happiest person I know, to be honest with you, Jim.

But that Sunday….there aint’ nothin’ like that Sunday, Jim.  She is all angelic, and peaceful, and pristine, and such a nice woman to everyone.  But she also has that sadness, Jim, that sadness that makes her so damn pretty.  You ever watch her when no one else is lookin’ Jim, or when there ain’t nobody around? She looks out windows, and stares off, I always wonderin’ if some dumb fuck broke her heart before she ever came to this town.  ‘Course she’d never look at a guy like me twice, so why am I standin’ here gripin’ to you ’bout it, huh Jim?

Writing Prompt 1


My Family Is Throwing Us A Mehndi Ceremony For Our Wedding

I got a really exciting phone call from my Mother Sunday night, one that is still surprising me and filling me with joy.

My Mother, Uncle, and Aunt are offering to throw my partner A and I a mehndi ceremony for our wedding!  In the Indian culture, this ceremony usually takes place right before the wedding, but we’re going to be doing it a bit differently.  Hell…our whole wedding is a bit untraditional.  ;)

What’s so touching is that they’re inviting our bridesmaids and flower girls to join us.  They invited my partner’s immediate family members as well, which is groundbreaking in so many ways.  Many cultures don’t believe in or view same-sex marriages and unions in a positive light, and the Indian culture is one of them.

This will be a brand new experience for all six of our bridesmaids! Many of them love Indian food and various aspects of  Indian culture that they know, but they’ve never participated in anything like this before.  I’m looking forward to sharing this experience with them, as well as my nieces, aunts, cousins, and other close family members.

rose_mhendiI’ve wanted a traditional American wedding since I was ten years old, and that’s exactly what we’re having.  However, I’ve felt a bit strange and sad about not having any of our Indian culture integrated in our wedding….and now that’s no longer the case!

My partner is really excited about this, and touched by it as well.  She says that her and I aren’t a traditional couple, and that we come from different backgrounds.  She’s happy that we’re able to celebrate both our roots in this marriage, and that we’re able to happily bring our families together.