Rock Climbing and Bouldering For Possibly The First Time In My Life

I don’t know if I’ve ever been rock climbing before, and if I have I was around age five or six when I went.  I went today with my friend Winnie who had invited me some time ago.  I’m so happy that I finally took her up on the offer tonight, because it was a blast and a half, and I feel so invigorated even hours afterwards.

Up Hi

I made it all the way to the top on the rope wall my first time up, and it made me feel incredible! It was terrifying, and challenging, and I almost stopped when I was close to the top.  But Winnie’s friend, who goes climbing often, encouraged me not to give up.  Fighting past the fear and continuing up was such a journey, and I’m glad I took it!

We started off with bouldering, which is rock climbing without a rope or a harness.  I honestly didn’t enjoy it as much as climbing with a rope, but I made it to the top on three different courses, and enjoyed the fearful processes.

Here’s more pictures of my climbing adventures. I had such a great time, and I hope to go again soon and bring my fiancé with me!

I was so blissed out when I reached the bottom and saw how far my body had allowed me to climb.

Valentine’s Day, a Snow Day, and Maybe Baby Classes

Valentine’s Day this year passed easily and perfectly.  We lay around all day blissfully frying our minds together and marathoning Wentworth on Netflix.  We had mind-blowing sex, and then when we finally decide to shower and put on clothes (I’m pretty sure the sun was setting at this point) it started snowing like crazy! We ventured out for our Valentine’s Day date anyway, and the snow was thick, beautiful, and lovely.  The restaurant was covered in snow, dinner was delicious, and we ordered a bottle of wine to celebrate our last Valentine’s Day as an unmarried couple.

We went to the movies and saw Project Almanac.  We were one of only three couples in the entire theater while I’m sure the theaters for Fifty Shades of Grey were packed and crowded.  It felt perfect and very “us” to be seeing the geeky science movie about time travel.

It snowed more Monday night and we both stayed home from work yesterday.  We finished Wentworth on Netflix and spent the day holding each other.  Things between us are on fire lately.  Three and a half years in, and we still can’t get enough of each other.

The wedding planning is not so stressful right now, and more fun.  After four straight weeks of wedding dress shopping I’ve finally made my decision.  I took a break from it all and got a ninety minute massage today.  It was needed, and relaxing, and I feel whole and content.

It’s hard sometimes to restrict our spending habits and to be responsible and save money.  But when I look at my bank account that frustration easily vanishes.  The more we save the more exciting the next few years have the potential to be.

Our gay friend Kris forwarded Alana an email about a non-profit company in D.C. called Rainbow Families D.C.   They have an eight week class program called Maybe Baby, which provides same-sex parents-to-be with information and support about the options of building a family.  Alana and I were so happy to hear about classes like this existing in our area.  Alana thinks that we should look into taking these classes sometime, and I could’t agree more.  We emailed the program coordinator together earlier this week.  I’m still waiting to hear back, but just knowing that this program exists is exciting!

My yoga practice is on fire and I’m looking to build my massage career now that the wedding is coming up and things are falling into place.  I’m playing around with the idea of doing another yoga teacher training, or two, over the next few years, as well as building my own private practice for massage and individual yoga lessons!

To say that things are going well is an understatement.  Things are really falling into place and I couldn’t be more grateful.  Our road together hasn’t always been so smooth and there’s definitely been bumps along the way, but the hills are starting to subside as we find a smoother plain and rhythm together.

I have plans with my best friend and Goddaughter this weekend and we have plans with Alana’s family the following weekend.  My life is full of yoga, massage, friends, family, and love.  I’m going to hold onto all of this, and be grateful for it, and try to spread the light to others because I know that I’m very fortunate.  And I know that things can be easily lost when not fully appreciated or valued.

Learning How To Find Stillness

Dancer PoseThis pose has always given me a sense of euphoria , and of flying.  This, unlike so many poses, I loved from the start of my yoga journey.  This pose makes me feel confident, capable, and ambitious.  It gives me the feeling that hard work will have amazing results.

Reverse Prayer Pose   When I first started my yoga journey my hands could not make complete contact in this pose, from palm to fingertip.

Classical Bound Headstand  Never in my life did I ever think I would be in a headstand, or any other inversion.  I reached classical bound headstand seven months into my yoga journey, blowing my own mind.  I take this pose just to enjoy the childhood glee it brings, or when I’m feeling anxious, or I’m looking to feel grounded.  This pose brings me calmness and returns me to a sense of myself.

Headstand Play  Lately I’ve started to play around some in the pose, and it’s been fun and frightening (in a good way!) all at once.

Bow Pose  This pose has always been, and still is, a challenge for me.  Both physically and mentally this pose brings up resistance for me.  I currently need to take a few calming breaths before kicking up into it, searching for the will, searching for the strength.  Me and this pose still have a lot of work to do together.

Side Plank  The first six months or so of my yoga journey found me hating this pose.  It was hard for my body at first and seemed very unavailable to me.  I wobbled a lot and constantly came out of it before grudgingly sliding back into it again.  That is no longer the case, and I’ve come to enjoy this pose and the sense of strength and control it gives me.

Upward Bow  Just like dancer pose, I’ve always enjoyed this pose.  I feel that this pose is a “yoga nemesis” for a lot of yoga-doers, but it’s never been for me.  I feel a sense of rush, joy, and excitement every time I push up into it.  It makes me feel happy, playful, free, and it gives me a lot of space in my imagination, as well as between my shoulder blades.

Sugar Cane  I’ve got a lot of work to do in this pose.  My hips are entirely in the wrong place, but this is a pose that I enjoy.  It makes me feel light, friendly, and playful.

Bird of Paradise  I got lazy with my shoulders when this was taken, but when I started my yoga journey I did not have a full bind.  My fingertips on each hand merely grazed each other, but over time they got closer and closer…until my hands clasped! A few months later I began being able to ground my back leg and swing up into this pose.  It still needs a lot of work, but even just being here is improvement, and this pose gives me a sense of joy and grace whenever I find it.

Standing Leg Raise

I did ballet for 13 years, yet I was never able to grab my foot and straighten my legs.  17 months of yoga has given me flexibility and strength I was convinced my body didn’t have in it.

Gorilla PoseWhen I first started my yoga journey my fingertips only just touched the ground on a forward fold. Now they can flatten all the way to the Earth, and I can even stand on my hands.  Forward folds are one of my very favorite asana practices in yoga.   They give me a sense of unloading, like a weight is dropping.  Off of my body, off of my mind, off of everything in my entire being.  When I take a forward fold, anxiety immediately quiets.  Depression starts to lift, the planet starts to feel more aligned.

Falling Out  Yoga is practice.  There are so many times I fall out of poses, and it’s okay.  In fact, it’s amazing every time.  We’ve got to fall and stumble until we get it right.  In our yoga practice, just like in life.

Bikram Yoga, Brunch, and A Bunch of Amazing Gifts

Yesterday my friend Elliot and I took a bikram yoga class and it kicked both our butts.  This was only my 5th or 6th bikram yoga class in 17 months that I’ve been doing yoga, but I have to say that I’m not a huge fan.  The 105 degrees is just so hot, and I just feel so drained and empty for the rest of the day.  Elliot and I were feeling quite drained when we left class so we stopped at a really cute place to grab brunch.

We talked about his love life, and his recent trip to Mexico, and all my adventures and journeys of wedding planning.  We caught up, and laughed, and had a grand time.  When we got back to his place he gave me an incredible gift.

He gave me a barely used massage table, all the accessories for it, a huge tub of lotion, two small lotion bottles, and a holster….completely free of charge! I tried to offer him money a few times, but he just wouldn’t take it.  All of these things he gave me are such an enormous gift.

He gave me tools to go out into the world with and make money with.  He’s given me opportunity and a way to do something I’ve wanted to do since I got my massage license.  (Three and a half years ago, so this is long overdue!)

Elliot, who reads this blog, thank you so much! You’ve made my weekend, and I’m so grateful and thankful for both your presence in my life and your generous heart.