The Islands In The Sky

The Islands In The Sky

She gasped with excitement and shouted over the noise of the helicopter: The islands in the sky are real!”

Jeda rolled his big faerie eyes at her, feigning exasperation at the very obvious statement she’d just proclaimed.  Of course the islands in the sky were real!  He had known they were real his entire life, even though the fae believed them to be legends.  Even though the adult faes in the village always insisted to him that the islands in the sky were just old stories passed down from the fae elders, and didn’t really exist.

Corin met his sarcastic eyeroll with a huge, beaming smile, and slowly turned back to look at the nearest island that had only just appeared moments before.  He looked back up at the island, over her left shoulder, and was hit with a huge pang of nervous excitement in his gut.

They really were real!  Of course he’d always known it, but never before had he actually seen them.  Not ever before these few last moments.

Their helicopter slowly floated them upwards and higher, climbing to where the air was even thinner.  To where a small sea of islands lie.

The closest to them was by far the largest, the island he swear he saw from his bedroom window as a young boy.  His island.  His secret island he always knew he’d somehow make it to and explore.

Well, his island with Corin.  It was more his, than hers, of course, but he guesses they can share it, and call it theirs.

They rode higher and higher in silence for a few more moments, each fae caught in their own wonder, excitement, and awe.

Finally, feigning and initial shock washing aside, they hurried to each other in a few steps, crossing the small floor of the helicopter in just a matter of seconds.

She excitedly grabbed his arm, beaming upwards at that large island that was drawing ever nearer.  He didn’t shake her off the way he might have any time before now.  Like back home when they were on the ground, back in their fae village.  He would have shrugged her off and given her a stern scowl, even if it were the opposite action of what he really wanted to do.

He watched the bottom of the island become larger as they drifted closer, and all at once they were both a rush of commotion and movement.  Him, running to the wheel to steer them outwards a bit more.  He figured flying over the side of the island and then landing on top of it would be the most practical and safest.  Apprehension thudded in his chest.  What if he wasn’t able to do this? What if they crashed?

Corin had rushed over to the other side of the helicopter, angling her neck as she bent her head back, trying to see around the side of the ever larger island.  She was gripping the outside of the helicopter through the open door, and a sudden concern for her safety and life flooded him with anger and exasperation.

“Be careful!”, he almost barked at her.  “Help me by telling me exactly where to fly.  I’ll get us there safely if you can bother to not screw that up!”

She gave him a half smile, part hurt, part scared, and turned away from him to start directing him.  Why did he always do that? Why couldn’t be just be nice to her? Isn’t that what you were suppose to do when you felt this way about a girl?

Over many moments and several shoutings back and forth, they managed to find themselves starting to fly up and over the island, flying parallel to it and straight upwards along the large side of it, and then slowly watching the terrain start to smooth and flatten before them.  He started to look for a place to land.  The island was breathtaking.  She beamed at him excitedly.

“Where shall we land? Where shall we go first? I can’t WAIT to get home tonight and tell Daleka and Tin all about this!….”

As she continued to speak hurriedly, and excitedly,  he started to wonder if today, on their island, he would have his first kiss.


I Bought My Wedding Shoes Today & I Can’t Stop Coloring

I bought my shoes for the wedding today.  They’re stunning, magical, very me, and perfect.  They match my dress.  They match the mood and the energy of the wedding.

I wish I could write so much more about them, but my lovely wife-to-be reads this blog, and we are keeping things traditional.  Meaning we don’t want to see or know anything of each others dresses, hair/makeup, or shoes!

On a completely unrelated note, I can’t seem to stop coloring in my adult coloring book.

Progress  It’s just so tranquil and calming.  It’s inspiring and somehow very satisfying.

These pages were colored and captured over the course of this past weekend.  We took it easy, and stayed inside, and made love, and cuddled, and tried not to spend money.  We are enjoying the last of any laziness before things get too crazy.  We’re trying to soak up whatever peace and calmness we can muster before it all begins.

I haven’t yet had my first dress fitting (it’s next week), and we haven’t yet moved into the townhouse (that’s next month).  But, these things are happening so soon.  Everything, is happening so soon.

This is the calm before the storm.  This is that time of restlessness and waiting.  The dead middle of summer.  When the whisper of Fall and new beginnings is right around the corner, but the stillness and pause of the Summer hasn’t yet run its course.

I’m surprised by how calm I still feel at this point, less than two and a half months from our wedding and honeymoon.  But, something deep in my heart and my bones knows this won’t last.  I’ll enjoy the calmness while I can.  I’ll spend hours and hours coloring, while I can.

Coloring Book

I Finally Bought Myself An Adult Coloring Book

Coloring Book

I’ve been pondering the idea of buying an adult coloring book this past Winter and Spring.  Today, I finally bit the bullet and stopped at a Barnes & Noble before work.  They had quite a few to choose from, and I leafed through them all. The title of the one I purchased, Magic Garden, did not speak to me at first.  The moment I looked through a few pages, I knew that it was the one.

I started coloring a page tonight and I found it to be exactly what others have described.  Calming.  Soothing.  Inspiring,  Tranquil.

The shapes and patterns themselves are soothing.  It reminds me of sacred geometry.  It reminds me of childhood.  It inspires me to think clearly and freely.

I followed this purchase with a massage from a good friend and talented massage therapist, and my entire shift at work flew by before my eyes.  Self-care is everything.  Self-care works.

I’m going to go listen to music and color in my adult coloring book.  I hope you all had a good Thursday, whoever and wherever you are.

Cat vans

Completely unrelated, I recently purchased these cat Vans and I love them! Now I can be that crazy old lesbian cat lady.


We Officially Have a Townhouse

It’s finally happened.  The townhouse that never got to exist before finally does exist.

We signed the lease last Friday.  To the only townhouse we wanted.  To the only townhouse that we applied for.

The first two levels are hardwood.  The kitchen has granite countertops and a gorgeous backsplash.  The kitchen walls are light green.  The second and third bedrooms are on the second floor, with a second bathroom, a few closets, and the washer and dryer.

The third floor, the only floor that has carpeting, is the entire master bedroom which has gizmoed and gadgeted walk-in closets.  The master bathroom is up there as well.

I’ve only ever rented one floor apartments and condos.  I rented a tiny single family house once, but it was old, falling apart, and still only one level.

We’re excited for the added levels and space.  We can finally rescue that puppy we’ve been talking about rescuing for three years now.  I can finally become a dog Mom!!!! And we’ll have a third bedroom should we crave for anyone else to come along…

We’re just very happy and grateful that this move has worked out.  We saw this townhouse listed months ago and thought that it would have been taken by now.  I told myself months ago that we wouldn’t be able to book both our honeymoon in Santorini and get this townhouse.  Getting both of these things seemed too good to be true, and I was happy to take only one of them working out.

But it’s all worked out, and now we just have all the work to do.  The work of moving, having our wedding, and leaving for Europe/Santorini in just a nine week period!.

  • August will be: The move to our townhouse, and the bridal shower.
  • September will be: The bachlorette party, and the Mendhi Ceremony
  • October will be: The wedding & reception, and our honeymoon in Santorini, Greece!
  • November will be: My ten year high school reunion.


So many big changes coming up.  So much to do.  So much excitement.

I’ll have to figure out how to keep my feet on the ground, but also how to not become too stressed out.  I want to enjoy this all as much as I can.

I don’t know how often I’ll write over these next few months.  This is only my first post this month! I’m quite caught up in starting the second phase of my life.

I wish all my followers a summer of adventure and growth.  This Summer is definitely going to be quite a time of transformation for me!

White House Rainbow

Marriage Equality Comes to America

IMG_6123 IMG_6122 IMG_6120 marriage equality

It’s finally happened  The day has finally arrived.  I called out of work.  There’s no way I could work right now.

I’m too happy.  I’m too ecstatic.  I’m too close to tears of joy, there’s too much relief flooding my body and my veins.

I’m marrying the woman of my dreams in three months.  Any kids that we have, because of today’s ruling, will know an easier time growing up in America with two Moms.  This ruling affects me on such a huge level.  Wherever I am, in this country, my partner will be recognized as my wife.

What a beautiful day.  I think I’ll be on the verge of tears all day.  I can’t remember the last time I’ve felt so intensely.